Smart, creative, connected and historic - property investment opportunities in Devon have never been this accessible.

4 Facts About Devon

Devon comprises 8 Districts, making it the largest local authority in South West England.

65% of Devon's coastline is heritage coast.

£4 million invested into the future skills centre, training for high-tech jobs.

Industries such as the digital and financial sectors are moving to Devon.

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Living by the sea is a dream for many, whether you’ve always wanted to own a vacation house or are planning to retire to the coast. It could be the opportunity to live a calmer, slower-paced lifestyle, encouraged by the thought of some energising sea air refreshing the senses. According to recent data, more than a quarter of people under the age of 35 and more than a third of those between the ages of 35 and 39 actively aspire to relocate near water in the next five years.
Every day, a great selection of homes are put up for sale in Devon, whether you’re searching for your forever home or an investment opportunity. And with the appropriate investment, purchasing properties may be an excellent and reliable substitute for monthly pension contributions.
On top of this, with the appropriate decision over 3/5/10 years, you may profit from the considerable capital gain and a solid rental income return. Devon has some beautiful new build projects. The advantage is that you allow the property time to settle in.

Here are several facts about Devon to take note of:

  • A growing economy, presently valued at over £23 billion. Growth of 19.1% over the last five years (UK average: 16.1%).
  • A sizable, skilled labour force; in some regions, the percentage of the population with a degree or higher rises to 43%.
  • High employment rates (78.3% vs. 74.5% for the UK as a whole).
  • In terms of research and development, the South West has surpassed other regions of the UK. The number of issued patents in Devon is among the highest in the area.
  • Strength in higher education: A significant amount of the scholarly work produced by our three top institutions is regarded as either world-leading or of the highest international calibre.
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship: The number of patents issued per person in Devon is three times more than the UK average, and the state’s firm survival rate is nearly 5% higher than the national average.
  • Devon is an excellent entryway to the UK, Europe, and beyond, thanks to its quick transportation connections, easy access to markets, and one of the UK’s fastest-growing airports.
  • Lower overhead expenses – Devon’s labour prices are incredibly competitive, while office rentals, retail rents, and factory rates are all much lower.
  • Outstanding standard of living rated as the greatest location to live in the UK.



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