The London Resort

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Hotel Apartment

Hotel Apartment Pre-Launch Price of 370,000 GBP (Price to increase in April 2021)


Net Guaranteed income for 3 years

Ranked in the Top 10 Globally


Reservation fee

£5,000 + VAT (Deducted from deposit)


Number of Rooms

1,455 Hotel rooms

The London Resort is a one-of-a-kind tier 1, £2 billion theme park and resort bringing some of the best theme park engineers and hospitality professionals together to produce the number 1 theme park in Europe.

The resort will be one of the largest and most ambitious construction projects in Europe, a staggering 30,000 people and a multi-billion-pound investment will transform 2.1 million square meters of land, on the bank of London’s River Thames, into one of the largest theme parks in the world.

The location The theme park is excellently located in the county of Kent, with train and river access. It will take just 17 minutes by train from central London (St Pancras station) and 40 minutes by boat from Big Ben. It is also located next to the M25, or London Orbital Motorway — the major road that encircles Greater London giving easy access to cabs or Uber.

The London Resort

Project Features

  • 2 weeks complimentary hotel stay, with access to the Theme Park 
  • Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project Europe’s Tier 1 Theme Park 
  • Ranked in the Top 10 Globally 
  • 17 Minutes from Central London

Payment Plan

  • Reservation fee £5,000 
  • 20%- Less the reservation, on exchange of contracts
  • 10%- 15th April 2022.
  • 10%- 13th January 2023.
  • 10%- 15th September 2023.
  • 50%- Q2 2024 on Completion (either financed or cash)


Paramount Hotel


why The London Resort

Nationally Significant By the time the London Resorts opens in 2024, it would be well over three decades since a theme park in Europe generated so much hype. The last was Disneyland’s opening in 1992. The project is so central to the country that it’s been designated Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) status by the government.

Attractive ROI Investment into the London Resorts can come in the form of investing into The Paramount Hotel, a premium accommodation that will offer sweeping views of the Thames. Each beautifully designed hotel unit will have a four or five star rating, with prices starting from £370,000. When compared to residential investments, commercial properties has higher yields, longer leases. In fact, the expected ROI is 10.8 percent and leases can be held on for 998 years.

Who’s Behind the SchemeThe London Resort is led by Chief Executive PY Gerbeau and the Board is chaired by Steve Norris. There is also an advisory board, an executive management team and team of senior professional consultants combining experience in leisure, entertainment, construction and real estate.

PY Gerbeau; Renowned international entrepreneur and leisure industry executive PY Gerbeau joined The London Resort as Chief Executive in June 2019. He brings a vast wealth of experience from across the real estate, tourism, retail, sport and entertainment industries, including roles as CEO of London real estate business X-Leisure Limited, Chief Executive of the group which successfully turned around the fortunes of the Millennium Dome, and Vice President of Operations at Euro Disney.




Regent Plaza is located between Manchester City Centre and Salford Media City at Salford Quays. The site has the Chapel Street corridor to the north and Salford Quays to the South West.

Regent Road is the linking arterial route between the Mancunian Way running around the southern half of Manchester City Centre and the M62, with transport links west to Warrington and Liverpool.


Bus Stop – 1 min walk
Deansgate Station – 18min walk / 5 min drive
University of Salford – 15 min walk / 3 min cycle
Media City  – 10 min cycle / 6 min drive
Manchester City Centre – 10 min cycle / 6 min drive
Spinningfields –  20min walk / 6min drive


From its rich industrial past Manchester has diversified to become the beating heart of the Northern Powerhouse. Out of the six cities within the Northern Powerhouse scheme, Manchester recorded the highest growth in GVA per head at 6.8% since the inception of the initiative. It also boasts the highest number of development plans, with £78 million in funding earmarked for culture and leisure projects in the city.
The city is well-connected with the UK as well as internationally and is regarded as a vital transport hub for the north of England. A GBP1 billion investment by Manchester Airports Group and Beijing Construction Engineering Group to expand Manchester airport will further boost the city’s appeal and accessibility.
These development plans, along with growing industries and world-renowned education and digital sectors, is encouraging a growing population. The population of Manchester’s city centre grew approximately 10% from 2014 to 2017 and is projected to grow by a further 10.6% between 2017 and 2026. Employment growth in Manchester is expected to exceed that of many international capitals, including Paris, Berlin and Tokyo, according to predictions by Oxford University economists. It is anticipated that 55,000 new jobs will be created before 2025, adding GBP19 billion Total Gross Value in the economy by 2030.


Properties in Manchester are selling fast and prices are rising rapidly. The average house price in Manchester grew by 19% from Q1 2016 to Q2 2019, demonstrating continued growth despite political uncertainty. Manchester’s rapid growth is expected to continue, with a growth forecast of 15.9% projected from 2019 – 2023.
Rental rates are also increasing, with rents forecast to increase 16.5% between 2019-2023. This is due in part to the city’s rapidly growing number of young professionals, new graduates and students flocking to the city. This community’s demand for housing, and particularly new-build modern housing, is putting upward pressure on rents. Manchester is struggling to keep pace with the growing demand for housing. While Manchester City Council has stated they aim to build a minimum of 2,500 new homes annually until 2025, it appears that supply in the city will be unlikely to catch up with demand for several decades. 


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The London Resort is a one-of-a-kind tier 1, £2 billion theme park and resort bringing some of the best theme park engineers and hospitality professionals together to produce the number 1 theme park in Europe.

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