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The rising popularity of ‘staycations’

The last 18 months have been unprecedented for many of us, and it’s hard to look at the turn of events that have shaped us positively. What we can say is that people in the UK have been able to explore and discover across the country and, for some of us, places we had never been before. For many of us, reliving fond memories of childhood vacation spots has been a reminder that the UK still has something special to offer. Whether that be a trip down to the west country. A drive up to the lake district. The chance for us all to take a much needed ‘staycation’ has become the trend across all generations.

Staycations have become a popular alternative to travelling abroad and, as you can see from the graph below, the level of interest they now receive on google searches has skyrocketed. TikToks ‘staycation’ hashtag has over 800 million views. 60% of their audience are 16–24-year-old’s meaning that the idea of taking a holiday in the UK is no longer a generational thing as many of these younger demographics would have once associated a holiday by going abroad. This isn’t to say that staycations are only a phase,before the pandemic in 2019 searches on google for a staycation were growing in popularity as the trend built momentum with the likes of weekend getaways with hot tubs and glamping. For summer of 2022, Sykes is reporting that “due to the high demand for Staycations, Sykes are uplifting the pricing detailed above in some cases by 10-30% on selected weeks”. Devon and Cornwall are the two most popular locations in the UK to vacate to. There’s no wonder why when it is home to award-winning beaches and the UKs longest national trail for walkers to enjoy along the famous ‘Jurassic Coast’.

Bookings for holiday lets in the UK have never been higher, and no wonder given the circumstances. As now 46% of people are more likely to consider a staycation than prior to covid-19. We’ve done the research to see why now many landlords are considering the holiday let market for their next investment. Because of being able to charge significantly more for nightly stays or weeklong stays in a holiday home, the returns for landlords can be up to 30% more with uncapped rental income. Listed below are what tenants view as their top priorities for a holiday let:

  • Proximity to the beach 
  • Hot tubs
  • Garden & outdoor space 
  • Wifi & technology

Getting these aspects right and a prime location is key to having a successful holiday let and will allow landlords to charge more for their property. One of the major benefits to holidaying in the UK is that you can take the entire family with you. Even the furry friends can come along. As there has been a 40% increase in booking for places with pets, it is important that when searching for a holiday let a pet friendly community is a must. Also, if you have your own holiday let, then it offers you more flexibility to use the property yourself throughout the year.

It is expected that this trend of taking a ‘staycation’ will continue in the coming years. As we are now being reunited with friends and family, the possibility of taking these breaks is becoming more open to everyone. The ease of travel for all the family or even if you and your loved one’s want to take a quick weekend getaway, it’s much more hassle free to go out and enjoy what the UK can offer. This truly is a positive take away from the Pandemic.

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